Bingo Bash Review

  • Bingo Bash Review
  • Bingo Bash Review
  • Bingo Bash Review


Bingo Bash is all about live bingo and slots games. Download this app easily to your iOS or Android device and enjoy many hours of fun. The app is free but does offer in-app purchases. Bingo Bash has been developed by BitRhymes Inc. and is rated number 31 in the casino category of the Apple App Store (at the time of writing), which just goes to show how popular it is – further evidenced by its 4.6 average rating out of more than 20,000 reviews. It was originally released on 22nd November 2012 for Android devices and has grown its user base substantially. The latest developer update was 22nd January 2019 and it is now ranked number 757 in Amazon’s free apps and games category, while it is ranked number 492 in their apps and games > games category. 

Bingo Bash will take up approximately 148 MB worth of space on your device, so ensure you have this available before you go to download. Your device will need to be running on iOS 8.0 or later. Users should be aware that it is age rated 12+ due to the “frequent” simulated gambling. Bingo Bash has an amazing 30 bingo rooms to choose from and a huge 13 unique ways to win at bingo.


There are a number of in-app purchases available for live bingo and slots games enthusiasts with prices ranging from $0.99 up to $19.99. Small Rocket Pack and Starter Pack of Bingo Royale are priced at 99 cents, while Pack of 20 Powerplays, Flyer Pack 4 of Bingo Chips and Medium Rocket Pack are all available for a well-priced $1.99. For $2.99, players will be able to purchase Big Rocket Packs and for $4.99 they can buy Money Ball Pack 4 of Bingo Chips and Money Ball Combo Pack. Double Bet Pack 4 of Bingo Chips can be purchased at $9.99. At the top end of the in-app purchase offers is High Roller Pack 4 of Bingo Chips at $19.99.


Bingo Bash is well-known for its Powerups because they are hugely entertaining. Players can play in real time with the option of accessing live multiplayer bingo rooms when they want to take their bingo-playing to the next level of interaction. Also on offer in the Bingo Bash app are collections, gems and other freebies for loyal players of bingo and the ability to play up to four cards in a game. The variety of bingo rooms accessible within the app is awesome with more rooms than any other similar app. Some examples of rooms that players can choose from are Solitaire Bingo, Blackout Bingo and 30 ball bingo. Invite friends to play and link up within them during the games, chatting while playing and helping each other to win more.


Different languages are available for those players whose native language is not English or for those who prefer to have their apps in another language. Options include Finnish, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Greek, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Hebrew and Russian.


Players who love to play bingo and slots games on the go will love the Bingo Bash app with its sizeable selection of games to play. Wheel of Fortune Bingo is one of the better known and most well-loved bingo games around and it is available within the app, along with Stars and 7s slots games. Players can also play special bingo games themed around the holidays, enter the Temple of Zeus, play at the Las Vegas Strip when they want to have fun with casino-style bingo games, choose zombie themed bingo, run your own pet spa bingo, hunt for treasure while playing bingo, take an adventure in the Serengeti-style bingo room or experience the great game of bingo in the classic bingo rooms, all while collecting rewards if lucky enough to win! 

Slots games are also just waiting to be played and come with a chance to win coins – are you a serendipitous spinner? Try your hand at the slots games within the Bingo Bash app! Scratch cards and other mini-games are waiting to be played and app users have the opportunity to win big rewards.


Bingo Bash is a thrilling recreational app for live bingo game and slots game enthusiasts who want to play at their convenience on their mobile devices. They can take part in real time and play against thousands of other bingo players to try and win as much as possible. Power Plays are available within the app along with in-app purchases to boost wagering power. Daub all the bingo numbers and watch the rewards pile up! Players are bound to love the Wheel of Fortune Bingo and the choice of bingo rooms and slots games available. For those players who enjoy the excitement of playing multiple bingo cards at once, they will be delighted to make use of this feature within the app. Gaming within the Bingo Bash app could be somewhat addictive, but this is bingo and slots based on collecting rewards rather than real money, so relaxing and having fun is the name of the game with this app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Bingo Bash help their customers?

Bingo Bash has various options to help their customers.

How you can get free chips on Bingo Bash?

You can spin and win Bingo Bash free gifts of chips and power play.

How you can get unlimited Bingo Bash chips?

You can get Unlimited Bingo Bash Free Credits, Chips and Coins with Daily freebies.

Does Bingo Bash also have support service?

Yes, Bingo Bash also provides customer support service.

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