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  • Bingo Blitz Review
  • Bingo Blitz Review
  • Bingo Blitz Review

About Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz is a fresh take on bingo and is combined with gameplay features in an arcade style. Collection items, achievements, and power-ups are just some of these features. It is a fun Facebook bingo game app, but it is not the simplest game out there. There is a tutorial for players, however, it is one lengthy tutorial rather than helpful snippets during the course of gameplay which would make understanding the game a lot easier. The Bingo Blitz application is free of charge and is based on striking graphics and good usability. Bingo Blitz has a total number of more than 228,000 monthly users playing each month. It also has 50 enticing bingo rooms where players can take part in the beautiful game. New content is added each week, so be sure to check back regularly.


At Bingo Blitz, players can play with other members in real time, taking part in a game with numerous real live players. They can chat to each other during the game using the in-game chat feature too.


At Bingo Blitz, players are only allowed to play up to a maximum of four cards at a time. The games are real time and have some unique features which could make it interesting for many of those keen to try it out.


The goal of the game at Bingo Blitz is to be the first to reach BINGO with each card and game playing. At Bingo Blitz, it will depend on which game you play in, but the more you play on the site, the higher experience levels you will reach. And, the more you play, the more rooms are opened up for you to access.


As you enter a bingo room, you will see your credits in the middle of the page and you can use these to purchase your bingo cards. The credits are the blue colored coins that are marked with the letter, B.  Remember though, with each bingo game you play, you will have the opportunity to move up levels in Bingo Blitz and therefore gain access to more rooms and the ability to purchase more than one card per game. Unfortunately, you cannot buy as many cards as you wish at Bingo Blitz like some other online bingo gaming sites. The number of cards you are allowed to buy will depend on your experience level.  

These experience levels tempt players back to the site game after game to try and up their level so that they can access more rooms, purchase more cards per game and improve their chances of winning. At Bingo Blitz, winning numbers need to be marked off manually – for this reason, make sure that you don’t purchase more cards than you can comfortably handle in any one game otherwise you may lose out without even realizing it. Bingo Blitz is all about the 75 ball bingo game and players will need to mark off each of the four corners or any line, either diagonally, vertically or horizontally. When you have achieved BINGO, all you need to do is click on the blue colored tab which you will find at the base of your card.


There sure is a bingo app for Bingo Blitz. It will bring you new features and also some new rooms periodically. Contacting customer support has also never been easier – simply open your mobile app and follow the menu sections, or leave a comment on their Twitter or Facebook page to contact them directly for a potentially quick resolution.


Bingo Blitz is slightly different from most other online bingo gaming sites in that it focuses mainly on bingo and does not have a huge variety of games. It will be a great choice for those lovers of 75 ball bingo but if you are looking for more variety, Bingo Blitz may not be the ideal site for you. Bingo Blitz’s Facebook app is a good addition to their offering and it has the potential of paying out to more than just one player who achieves BINGO. The payouts to multiple players will depend on the total number of players in any one game, however, it is usually around 25. Keep in mind though that it will generally be the first, second or third players who call out BINGO that will receive the highest rewards. 

But at least if, for example, you are the 12th player to achieve BINGO, you will still win something. One of the main positives about playing at Bingo Blitz is that you know even if you are not winning, each game played is helping you to climb up the experience levels and therefore take you further towards gaining access to more rooms – each number that you mark off on one of your bingo cards will gain you an experience point. You can also make use of “power-ups” (if they are available to you) to assist you in achieving BINGO. There are numerous rewards available when playing the Bingo Blitz Facebook game including the ability to purchase coins to use in the Bingo Blitz store or use towards achieving BINGO …or even to buy unlock-keys for chests (symbols on some bingo cards).  

Marking off the numbers on your card that have chest symbols on them, means that you can collect them and then open them for potential rewards at the end of the bingo game. It is these small added-value details that make playing Bingo Blitz slightly different to your average bingo game, but a lot of fun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Bingo Blitz have a support option for their customers?

Yes, Bingo Blitz has the contact number and email helpline options for their customer support.

Does Bingo Blitz give you free credits?

You can get Bingo Blitz Free Coins & Credits get all freebies using the bonus collector. No logins or registration required to collect Bingo Blitz bonuses.

How to fix Bingo Blitz problems?

You can ask for the help from their customer support, they’ll surely help you to fix the problems.

Does Bingo Blitz have APK file for Android?

Yes, You can download their app via this link.

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