Butlers Bingo Review

  • Butlers Bingo Review
  • Butlers Bingo Review
  • Butlers Bingo Review

If you are feeling lucky and good at bingo then it’s time to join our website. Before joining however you should understand how our website operates and our terms and conditions. We offer various promotions from time to time via this or in association with this website. Our terms and conditions form a legally binding contract between you and us whenever you decide to participate in the offers on show. It is also important to note that specific terms and conditions apply to individual promotions and these will be made clear through advertising, headline offers among other clear ways. Furthermore, this website is governed by our general terms and conditions.

Important terms For Butlers Bingo   

  • Cash: refers to any funds in your customer account that is not subject to any promotional requirements, including casino bonus monies, your deposits, and winnings from winning Butler’s bingo tickets obtained by Butler’s bingo bonus money(to be defined later).
  • Account balance: this is the aggregate of cash in your customer account. It includes bingo bonuses, casino bonus cash, and general cash that is money that you can withdraw at your own convenience without restriction. All these monies are subject to regulation by promotional restrictions.
  • Butler’s Bingo Bonus: this is any bonus in form of cash or other promotional forms (such as free wagers and free spins) accredited to your accredited your customer account. A Butler’s bingo bonus is usually part of as part of a Butler’s bingo-related Promotion. It is worth noting that any form of cash bonus cannot be immediately withdrawn from your customer account.
  • Butlers’ Bingo Tickets: these are cards that carry random numbers that are used in bingo gaming and its subsequent promotions.
  • Casino Bonus refers to any Bonus that is placed in your customer account as part of a casino games-related promotion.
  • Casino Bonus Money includes: any casino bonus that cannot be withdrawn immediately as cash and any winnings got through casino bonuses which are subject to uncompleted wagering requirements
  • Deposit Bonus: a bonus credited when you deposit funds in your Butler’s bingo account.
  • Wagering Requirement is the number of times you must wager the value of the casino bonus awarded to you before that casino bonus can become cash.
  • First Deposit Butler’s Bingo Bonus can be defined by the following:

o    Free Bonus: granted without necessarily requiring a deposit to be made.

o    Free Spin refers to a bonus consisting of the right to play slots games for no fee.

o    Promotional Restriction has the following as part of it:

  1. Any bonus that has any wagering requirement applicable to it
  2. Any other restriction on how you can wager.

How can I make withdrawals from Butlers Bingo?

You can withdraw cash from your customer account without any restrictions at any time. The withdrawal will, however, contain processing charges explained in our terms and conditions. Any bonus balances will be forfeited once a withdrawal is made.

Before withdrawing casino bonus money or Butler’s bingo bonus money you should have complied with the promotional requirements. If these conditions are met then the Casino Bonus Money or Butler’s Bingo Bonus Money or any winnings got from it derived from the relevant Promotion will become Cash and as a result, you can withdraw the cash without any restriction.

How withdrawals are processed on Butlers Bingo

Before any withdrawals are made, your account and play will be reviewed in search of any Bonus Abuse and Bonus Fraud. If there is enough evidence to suggest any such wrongdoing then you would have engaged in Bonus Abuse or Bonus Fraud, then the consequences are described in the cause immediately below.

What are Bonus Abuses and Bonus Fraud?

Bonus Abuse involves:

  • Zero, low margin or equal wagers with Bonus Monies.
  • Waging single bets in excess of £6.25 until such time as the wagering requirement of that Bonus is met.
  • Placing large bets on high variance outcomes, before changing to normal variance outcomes to meet the Wagering Requirement that is two-tier betting.
  • Reducing your stake amount by 60% or more after a large win with the aim of meeting Wagering Requirements while a Bonus is still active.
  • Changing from a low weighted game (approximately 8% or 0% wagering contribution) to a higher weighted contribution game (100%) also with the aim of clearing Wagering Requirements.

The following constitutes Bonus Fraud:

  • Obtaining multiple bonuses by virtue of creating more than one Customer Account.
  • Concealing your IP address by using a VPN in order to obtain multiple Bonuses or to facilitate colluding between customers.

We offer our valued customers Promotions in order to reward them and any of the above cases will not be tolerated and will result in us ceasing to award any further promotions to the guilty party. We will also remove any winnings from the customer’s account obtained in the ways listed above.

Game Weighting (Casino Games Wagering Requirements)

In the case that a Promotional Restriction consists of a Wagering Requirement, then various casino games will be regarded as providing different percentages of the relevant Wagering Requirement. These are as follows: Slots 100%, Roulette 8%, Blackjack 8%, Other Games 0%.

How can I use Free Bonuses and Spins?

Any withdrawal of Cash winnings derived from the Free Bonus or Free Spin awarded will be limited to £100 that is if a customer has never made a deposit on their customer account prior to receiving any Free Bonus or Free Spin.

Additional Terms on Free Spin Promotions on Butlers Bingo

  • Promotions having Free Spins as part of them, and which are awarded as a result of a deposit only require a minimum deposit of £10.
  • In the case that Free Spins awarded they remain valid for only 2 days, after which any unused Free Spins will expire.
  • Any winnings won via Free Spins will be Casino Bonus Monies placed in the customer’s Casino Bonus Account.

Opting Out from Butlers Bingo Marketing

In the event that you do not want to continue being a part of Butler’s Bingo Bonus, then you can opt out by contacting support and request that the Bonus is removed from our Customer Account before making your first wager after receiving the Bonus. Once you receive confirmation that the Bonus has been removed you can commence wagering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Butlers bingo give you free spins?

Yes, Butlers bingo gives you 100 free spins on your first deposit of £10.

Does Butlers bingo provide support to their customers?

Yes, Butlers bingo provides you the best customer support service via FAQs, live chat and email helpline.

Does Butlers bingo provide an extra bonus to their customers?

Yes, Butlers welcome their customers with 300% match plus a 100 free spins on their first deposit of at least £10.

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