Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath – Opening Hours, Prices And Contact Details

About Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath

Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath Opening Hours

Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath Opening Hours

Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath is part of the Buzz Bingo experience that has a player base of over a million members. Situated conveniently in the same building as Cineworld, Frankie & Bennies as well as Zizzi. Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath is very easy to get to as it is on the same bus routes as the Bexleyheath Shopping Centre which is a few feet away. Also convenient is the multi-storey car park if catching the bus for your favourite gaming is not your cup of tea.

New visitors to Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath can either sign up online for their membership card and then collect it upon arrival at the door or can sign up at the door upon entry. Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath also offers new patrons amazing introductory offers which includes 18 main event tickets, a complimentary drink and loads of additional extras. It is well worth checking out their website for the promotions they are offering for all the up to date information. Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath additionally offers new players a complimentary hands-on training session in their Newbie Room with their well trained and friendly staff to bring you up to speed with the latest gaming techniques, the language used during games as well as how to make the most out of your stay. If, however you prefer to skip the Newbie Room and jump right in you will be pleasantly surprised that the state-of-the-art gaming club at Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath has digital touchpads and all you need to do is press the auto play function and the pads will do all the hard work for you. Don’t forget to give a loud shout out if you hit your Bingo.

Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath Opening Hours

Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath is conveniently open 7 days a week Monday to Thursday 11am – 11:30pm, Friday’s from 11am to 1am, Saturday’s 10am to 1am and Sunday’s from 11:30am to 1am. Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath has 3 main session at various times. Monday to Friday the morning sessions are from 11:30am and on Saturday’s from 10:30am. The afternoon sessions are from 12:25pm apart from Saturday and Sunday when they start at 12:45pm. Evening sessions at Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath all start at 6:45pm Monday to Sunday. Every Thursday Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath offers you free gaming during their main events for the afternoon and evening sessions. 

After your Bingo sessions at Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath you can enjoy the club’s multitude of up to date electronic slots and other games. With a large selection of over 100 electronic slots Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath will keep you and your friends entertained for hours on end. At Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath you can enjoy the Buzz Bingo Blast room or take your chances against their exclusive machines like Reel King, Lumberjack Cash or The Wild Mob online. If you are all gamed out Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath can offer you a bite too eat or simply enjoy a few refreshments with your friends at their fully licenced bar. 

Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath is a conveniently located club with a friendly atmosphere for all your Bingo needs, so grab your friends and enjoy the Buzz at Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath.

Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath Contact Number

+44 20 8298 0910

Buzz Bingo Bexleyheath Address

28-70 Broadway, Bexleyheath DA6 7RB, UK

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