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Buzz Bingo Salisbury, formerly known as Gala Bingo, is open Monday to Friday 11:30am – 10pm, Saturday 10am – 10pm and Sunday 5pm – 10pm. The Buzz Bingo Salisbury club is located on Endless Street in the old Regal Cinema building in the middle of Salisbury town. Buzz Bingo Salisbury is not one of the biggest bingo clubs in the UK but does have all the modern amenities you would need for a perfect bingo gaming experience. Being a former cinema building the layout lends itself to a tapered view downwards of the stage and caller. In other words, if you are sitting at the top of the hall your view is down towards the caller and is not obstructed. Buzz Bingo Salisbury is located on various bas routes that service Endless Street as well as Castle Street close by. Parking is not available at the Buzz Bingo Salisbury itself unfortunately however, there is ample parking close by at one of the pay and display parking lots.

Buzz Bingo Salisbury Opening Hours

Buzz Bingo Salisbury morning sessions start at 11am Monday to Thursday as well as on Saturday. Friday is the odd day out with sessions starting at 12pm. Afternoon main sessions at Buzz Bingo Salisbury start at 1pm Monday to Friday and 1:30pm on Saturday. There are unfortunately no morning or afternoon sessions available on Sunday due to the later opening times. Evening main sessions at Buzz Bingo Salisbury start at 7:30pm Monday to Sunday.

Buzz Bingo Salisbury Price List

Morning sessions at Buzz Bingo Salisbury include the Party Xtra games that start for as little 50p. Ticket prices at Buzz Bingo Salisbury will not hurt the pocket and you can play the max of £10 on Saturday afternoon. Most afternoon and evening slots cost between £3 – £5. Thursday afternoon and evening mains are free of charge, however, be on the lookout for link games and national games for additional wins and jackpots. Electronic bingo is available at the Buzz Bingo Salisbury club on the latest state-of-the-art touchpads that allow the players to simply push a button and let the touchpads do all the bingo gaming for you. Touchpads can also be used to play certain slots within the club and are linked to online bingo games.   

New members are always welcomed at the Buzz Bingo Salisbury club with registration easily done online at the official Buzz Bingo Salisbury website or alternatively you can register at the door when you arrive. There are packages specifically aimed at new members that include free bingo tickets as well as a free drink. Speaking of drinks, the Buzz Bingo Salisbury club has full bar facilities as well as a rather nice diner which serves full cooked meals for a good price. 

Buzz Bingo Salisbury does have a wide variety of electronic slots including Buzz Bingo exclusives including The Wild Mob Online, Lumberjack Cash and Juicy Fruity. These can pay our about £500 which is a good way to earn that little extra.  

Buzz Bingo Salisbury is not a big club but the atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming so be sure to give the Buzz Bingo Salisbury club a try when you are in the area.

Buzz Bingo Salisbury Contact Number

+44 1722 324368

Buzz Bingo Salisbury Address

Endless St, Salisbury SP1 1DP, UK

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