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You will find the club located on Streetly Road. Buzz Bingo Stockland Green is not far to find as it is not far away from Endeavour Court Hospital. The conveniently located bingo hall is very easy to access. For those who travel to the club using public transport, buses service a stop which is practically right outside of the main entrance. The buses include the 600 and the 65. For those who plan on travelling by car, the club has an on a site car park, fitting 20 cars.

The bingo hall was once known as Gala Bingo Stockland Green, back in the summer of 2018 the bingo hall had been rebranded and know it recognised by the fun and new Buzz Bingo Stockland Green name. The much loved, friendly staff at the club will be very willing to show you the completely free registration process. They will also tell you a few helpful tips to ensure that you get the most out of your visit and make each one valuable. There is a great chance that you get to leave the club with unbelievable huge prizes that you have won. The club also offers out loads of bonuses and promotions for you to use. These happen frequently throughout the month. Increasing your great value for your money!

Buzz Bingo Stockland Green Opening Hours

The bingo hall has adjusted their times so they are perfect for the players. Buzz Bingo Stockland Greens doors are open from 11:30 am, this is valid for every single day of the week with the two exceptions of Wednesdays and Saturday. On the days of the exceptions, Wednesday and Saturday, the much-loved bingo hall opens a little bit earlier than usual at 11 am. With the exception of Friday, the bingo hall closes their doors for the night at 11 pm every night. On a Friday the club extends this to midnight so everyone has enough time to play all the bingo that they wish for.

Buzz Bingo Stockland Green Session Prices

If you love free stuff even half as much as Buzz Bingo Stockland Green, then we can assure you that you will love the fact that on a Thursday afternoon and Thursday evening, books at the bingo club are completely free!

The club offers out party Xtra games for their players to purchase. The Party Xtra games prices are extremely cheap and can cost in between 50p and £1 in the mornings. The paper main events are also extremely affordable and can cost anywhere in between £3 and £7 for afternoon sessions. The prices rise a bit in the evening but are still very low priced, costing the inexpensive price between £4 and £11. The club also offers its players the option to play bingo electronically. The cheapest package for electronic bingo at Buzz Bingo Stockland Green is £5 for 36. As you can see the packages are an extremely great value.

The bingo hall advises their players to get the exact and precise prices from the club before arrival, this is because the clubs prices change frequently. A way of checking this is getting in touch with a member of the bingo clubs friendly team, you can do this by quickly calling up the club.

Buzz Bingo Stockland Green Contact Number

+44 121 377 7167

Buzz Bingo Stockland Green Address

1 Streetly Rd, Birmingham B23 7BH, UK

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