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If you are looking for a modern, purpose-built bingo club in the vibrant Surrey Quays area look no further than Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays. The redeveloped Surrey Quays docks plays host to the Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays club and is right next to the Surrey Quays shopping center, Hollywood Bowl and Odeon Cinema. Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays has ample parking spaces available but is also serviced by plenty of public transport services including bus routes and the Canada Water train station located close by.  

The Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays club is a state-of-the-art facility with a spacious and friendly gaming atmosphere providing not only bingo but also the latest in digital electronic gaming machines. Take your chances on the latest electronic slots, fruit machines or enjoy yourself in the Buzz Bingo Blast room by hitting the buzzers. Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays also offers some of the old favorites like the Lumberjack Cash, Reel King or Wild Mob Online.

Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays Opening Hours

Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays is open Monday to Thursday from 11am to 11pm, Friday and Saturday from 11am to 12am and on Sunday’s from 11am to 11pm. Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays offers morning bingo session from 12pm Monday to Saturday but unfortunately no morning sessions on Sunday. Afternoon sessions Monday to Friday are from 12:25pm, Saturday and Sunday sessions are from 12:45pm. Evening sessions at Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays are all at 6:45pm Monday to Sunday. Pricing for regular bingo at Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays varies from £1 to £7 and electronic bingo starts at £2 upwards depending on the package you desire. Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays does also free bingo sessions at certain times but most of the morning sessions start at a bargain price of only £1.  

Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays welcomes any new members with membership easily available through their official website. New members cards are also available through their friendly staff at the club entrance with many promotions available for new members online and at the Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays club entrance. Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays also offer newbies the opportunity of studying and guidance in the Newbie room with the game’s latest techniques and terminology from the enthusiastic Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays staff. Newbies can also take advantage of the touchpad technology on offer that can do all the bingo thinking for you but be sure to give a loud Bingo shout when you are a winner.  

Apart from all the fantastic bingo and electronic gaming on offer at Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays you can also take advantage of the Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays bar facilities for a welcomed refreshing drink with your friends. Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays also offers a wonderful menu dining option in the Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays diner for a tasty bite to eat. To sum up, if you are in the mood for some quality bingo gaming in a modern facility with friendly and well trained staff, look no further than the Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays club if you are in the Surrey Quays area.

Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays Contact Number

+44 20 7231 3199

Buzz Bingo Surrey Quays Address

3 Teredo St, London SE16 7LW, UK

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