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Located just North of Birmingham you will find the friendly and spacious Mecca Bingo Kingstanding that occupies the former Odeon Cinema. The bingo hall can assure you that accessing the club can be found to be very easy and stress-free. This is possible thanks to the multiple buses servicing a lot of different stops nearby. And for those who choose to travel by car, we have a parking space for you. For a matter of fact, we have 100 free parking spaces for you to choose from, on the Mecca Bingo Kingstanding premises.

Mecca Bingo Kingstanding has seating for 600 guests. At the bingo hall, you have the choice to choose a game of traditional bingo or new, modern and up to date Mecca Max. You can play Mecca Max on 1 of the 40 electronic terminals available here at the club. Be greeted by our professional staff who go above and beyond to provide amazing service to our guests. Hundreds of prizes are given away each week and there is plenty of chances for you to win some. Make your money go further with promotions, bonuses and daily special which are frequently given out by the club. Have the availability to enter in free competitions by checking out the bingo clubs facebook page. Check out the clubs onsite gaming are and take a spin on a few of the latest jackpot fruit machines. Or take a breather at the clubs onsite bar or dinner, there you can purchase low priced food and drinks which are high in value.

Mecca Bingo Kingstanding Opening Times

You will find that the doors here at Mecca Bingo Kingstanding are opened at early times for early risers. The doors are opened from 11:30 am, On Monday through to Friday. On Saturdays, you will find out that the clubs doors open just a little bit earlier, at 11 am. Then on Sundays, they open a little bit further on in the day, opening at 12 pm. The bingo hall closes at midnight consistently from Monday through to Sunday.

Mecca Bingo Kingstanding Session Prices

The club prefers to keep their prices low and affordable for all of there sessions, but times and days of the week can affect the prices. You will find that the cheapest sessions at Mecca Bingo Kingstanding are often taking place in the morning or the early and late ones. The morning, early and late session prices can start at the unbelievably affordable price of 50p ranging up to £3. The clubs afternoon books and main session prices can range between the shockingly low cost of £1 up to £10. You will find evening sessions are a little bit more pricey but still incredibly cheap, they can vary from £6 to £18. The club advice you to take a quick look at the clubs official website. There you can find the latest and up to date prices. The club also gives you the opportunity to purchase a Mecca Max package. These can start at as little as £2 ranging up to £209.

Mecca Bingo Kingstanding Contact Number

+44 121 354 2551

Mecca Bingo Kingstanding Address

Kettlehouse Rd, Birmingham B44 9JD, UK

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