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Mecca Bingo Luton is located just outside the town and is a massive club with space for 1000 eager bingo players to compete with one another. Although Mecca Bingo Luton is situated slightly out of town it is still relatively easy to get to via public transport and there are a number of public busses servicing the area including the 31, 70, 232, 772 and X31 stopping at Browning Road and the 232 stopping at Skimpot Road. The Luton Train Station is some distance away and a taxi would be needed to reach the Mecca Bingo Luton club. If you are going to drive yourself to the club do not fear as there is loads of parking available with about 800 car spots. The very large Mecca Bingo Luton club is full of atmosphere created by the locals and visitors alike and despite the size of the club all the modern amenities are at hand with comfortable seating, hearing loops, wheelchair access and large digital displays for watching your bingo numbers. New members should try and register online before heading down to the club to collect their membership cards as this is a big club and you would want to avoid getting your bingo on by standing in a que all night. If new members do however not register online, you can get your free membership at the club’s doors.

Mecca Bingo Luton Opening Hours

Mecca Bingo Luton has very easy to remember opening times Monday to Sunday from 12pm to 12am. Despite the very easy to remember opening times however, because of the later opening at Mecca Bingo Luton there are unfortunately no Morning main sessions at the club. Afternoon main sessions at Mecca Bingo Luton start Monday to Friday from 12:30pm, Saturday and Sunday at 1pm respectively. Evening sessions at Mecca Bingo Luton again are easy to remember as they start at 7pm Monday to Sunday. As mentioned, Mecca Bingo Luton has all the latest in state-of-the-art digital technology and this include 160 digital touchpads for electronic bingo. Most punters prefer to play regular paper bingo so there will be more than enough touchpads for the e-bingo fanatics.

Mecca Bingo Luton Price List

Prices for the e-bingo at Mecca Bingo Luton are well priced and are package dependent. Pricing at Mecca Bingo Luton is surprisingly low with games 10p (nationwide link games) up to £14 max. Afternoon main sessions at Mecca Bingo Luton generally cost between £1 – £6 and evening mains between £5 – £14. There are also the additional games like Emoji Bingo, X-Factor Bingo and Burst Bingo to name but a few that can be played at an additional cost.  

Lots of action and bingo at the Mecca Bingo Luton club with plenty of atmosphere but bingo is not the only offering at Mecca Bingo Luton. There are plenty of the latest electronic slots and fruit machines available in the club with some good jackpots. After all the gaming there is a time to relax in the Diner that offers fresh hot meals or drinks at the Mecca Bingo Luton Bar.

Mecca Bingo Luton Contact Number

+44 1582 572294

Mecca Bingo Luton Address

Skimpot Rd, Luton LU4 0JB, UK

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