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The Mercury Shopping Centre in Romford plays host to the Mecca Bingo Romford club. This modern club is located inside the mall together with some other favorite stores, cinema’s and eateries. Parking at Mecca Bingo Romford is no problem at all with over 1000 spaces available in a secure parking facility. If you do prefer taking public transport to Mecca Bingo Romford be assured that the Mecca Bingo Romford club is located on 10 bus routes making it rather easy to get to. The Romford train station is about a 10min walk from the club.  

Mecca Bingo Romford Opening Hours

Mecca Bingo Romford is open from Monday to Saturday at 10am to 12pm and on Sundays from 12pm -12am for all the late sleepers. Main bingo sessions at Mecca Bingo Romford are very easy to remember with times all standard across the week. Monday to Saturday the morning sessions are at 11:30am, no Sunday morning sessions due to later opening times. Afternoon sessions at Mecca Bingo Romford run from 12:30pm Monday to Sunday. Evening sessions Monday to Sunday start at 7pm at Mecca Bingo Romford.

Mecca Bingo Romford Price List

Mecca Bingo Romford is one of the cheapest bingo clubs in London and offers competitive pricing on all its bingo games. Pricing ranges from £2 – £13 and the morning sessions throughout the week are only £2. Saturday’s morning sessions at Mecca Bingo Romford are only £3 per game. Afternoon sessions at Mecca Bingo Romford range from £2 – £5 and evening sessions range from £5 – £13. There are evening link sessions which will only set you back £2 per game. Mecca Bingo Romford does have plenty of package deals, specials and bonuses so do be on the lookout for these at the club’s doors or online at the official Mecca Bingo Romford website. Mecca Bingo Romford does also encourage players to be part of their social chat rooms where you can meet other players from not only Mecca Bingo Romford but also from other parts of the country, discuss gaming techniques or just keep it fun.

Mecca Bingo Romford always welcomes new players and offers hands on training with their friendly staff who can teach you every aspect of the gaming at Mecca Bingo Romford. From techniques to the all-important bingo language used in the games, Mecca Bingo Romford’s staff will also advise and walk you through all the club’s electronic games as well. As a new player you can get your club membership online at the Mecca Bingo Romford website or alternatively at the clubs’ doors. New players and old alike can enjoy the Mecca Bingo Romford club’s state-of-the-art electronic bingo as well as the latest digital touchpads available throughout the club. Apart from all the wonderful bingo you can also enjoy the plethora of electronic slots, fruit machines and Mecca Bingo Romford allows players to try any machine with a complimentary free turn.

With all the gaming and bingo that Mecca Bingo Romford has on offer you may need some cooling off at the bar facilities located on-site or enjoy a meal with your fellow players at the Mecca Bingo Romford diner.

Mecca Bingo Romford Contact Number

+44 1708 729020

Mecca Bingo Romford Address

The Mercury Shopping Centre, Mercury Gardens, Romford RM1 3EE, United Kingdom

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