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Mecca Bingo Rutherglen Contact Details

Mecca Bingo Rutherglen Opening Hours

Mecca Bingo Rutherglen is located on the same road as Rutherglen Shopping Centre, as this is a popular area the transportation to and from the venue is easily accessible, with a number of bus routes available including 46, 65, 90, 267, 387, and simpliCITY 7. There is also the main train station about half a mile away. For those of you that drive there is a car park at the back of the club for Mecca Bingo Rutherglen customers. If you wish to travel by public transport it is advised that you check the times and prices to and from the venue through the transport websites. 

Mecca Bingo Rutherglen caters for Both beginners and experienced players and welcomes both. You can choose between the regular traditional paper game and electronic bingo, opening up the chances of some great prizes, promos, bonuses and specials available to the Mecca Bingo Rutherglen customers. There is also a café at the venue with a wide selection of hot food, drinks and cold snacks these are very well priced as you can have a delicious meal deal from just £3.99! so why not bring your family and friends and make this a social event.

Mecca Bingo Rutherglen Opening Times

Mecca Bingo Rutherglen is open from 10:30 am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and  Saturday for 3 sessions of bingo a day. On Sunday the club opens at the slightly later time of 12:30 pm and closes at 12 am to suit every member’s needs of convenience. 

Mecca Bingo Rutherglen Session Prices

The prices at Mecca Bingo Rutherglen are of great value, with prices starting from only £1 up to £12 most of the game prices are at the lowest price. Morning sessions are only between £2 and £3 each theses session take place at 11.30am Monday to Friday and 11.45am on a Saturday, unfortunately, there are no morning sessions on a Sunday due to opening times. Afternoon sessions take place at 12.30pm weekdays and 2 pm on a weekend and the most you will pay for these sessions is a cost of £4.50, however, most of the games cost between just £1 and £2. Evening mains sessions take place at 7.30pm every day and start from as little as £4.50 on Tuesday and Thursday, with the most expensive day to play being a Friday evening, due to popularity, however, these sessions only cost up to a maximum of £12. 

Mecca Bingo Rutherglen also offers the latest high tech facilities in electronic bingo, offering its players the chance to play with speed and accuracy, this will allow you to take more time to enjoy the games on offer. The electronic bingo packages are sold in bundles and the more tickets you buy the more you get for your money and of course the more chances you have to win. 

Due to regular updates, it is advised that you check out the Mecca Bingo Rutherglen official website often for times, prices, promotions and free session updates to enable you to get the best value for your money!

Mecca Bingo Rutherglen Contact Number

+44 141 647 6819

Mecca Bingo Rutherglen Address

58 Main St, Rutherglen, Glasgow G73 2HY, UK

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