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You will find that the club is extremely easy and convenient to get to, this is due to Mecca Bingo Wednesbury being located just outside of the town centre. Opening the availability to travel to the club using many different methods. If you choose to travel via tram, they stop regularly at Wednesbury Great Western Street (Metro line 1), the club can be reached in just under 5 minutes from this location. The club also offers the choice of public transport via bus with multiple buses servicing a stop which is almost exactly right outside of the bingo halls doors. These buses include of the 11, 13, 22, 23 and the 731. The club also looks out for those who prefer or have the option to drive to the club, offering the members a space in their free parking, car park.

Mecca Bingo Wednesbury definitely makes sure there are enough room and bingo to go around. The club currently holds around 60 electronic terminals, for those who prefer the modern version of bingo or if you are just trying to switch it up. And for those who enjoy traditional bingo or fancy a change, the club has seats for over 1800 people.  The club is also known for its warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, made present by the above and beyond mentality staff. The staff ensure every member is greeted with a smiling warm welcome on every visit. Our staff at Mecca Bingo Wednesbury well-trained and professional but still manage to keep fun ongoing at the club. More than happy to answer any questions and concerns, the staff are always making sure everyone feels comfortable. The club often runs irresistible promotions, unbeatable daily specials. The club also has unbelievable prizes, perfect for you to win on any bingo method you prefer to use. Have fun in the clubs regular, challenging competitions and prize draw. These regularly take place onsite, in the club, they can also be done online on the clubs facebook page. These are definitely worth having a go at and seeing how much prizes and jackpots you can bring home with you tonight.

Mecca Bingo Wednesbury Opening Hours

Mecca Wednesbury offers 3 sessions of bingo most days of the week with 2 main sessions on Sunday. The club is open from 10:30 am – 12 am Monday to Saturday, and from 12 pm – 12 am on Sunday.

Mecca Bingo Wednesbury Session Prices

The bingo club usually charges the little price of £1.50 or £2 for their morning sessions. Overall, Mecca Bingo Wednesbury session prices are unbelievably cheap and affordable, an example of this is £1 to £4 afternoon bookings. Prices on a Saturday are slightly more expensive compared to the other sessions. The Saturday session prices are often priced around £8, which is a little bit more pricey but still, definitely low priced and affordable. Monday through to Saturday main event sessions taking place in the evenings is usually between the little cost £1 and £8. The club tends to charge £12 for sessions on a Sunday.

Do not hesitate to contact Mecca Bingo Wednesbury via phone or email about any further information or inquiries in regards to; free sessions available through the week, session prices and promotional offers and events.

Mecca Bingo Wednesbury Contact Number

+44 121 556 2689

Mecca Bingo Wednesbury Address

Dudley St, Wednesbury WS10 7DR, UK

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