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  • Tombola Bingo Review
  • Tombola Bingo Review

Tombola Bingo calls itself “Britain’s biggest bingo site” and it certainly is a large one with a good reputation. They have more than 14 different styles of games and many completely unique to them, thanks to their in-house designers and developers. This is just one of the main reasons why Tombola Bingo has blossomed into the success it is. The team is consistently monitoring players interaction and taking their feedback into account which enables them to create the games that players actually want. Tombola Bingo was established in January 2005 and has had many years to hone its offering – probably why it is one of the biggest sites in the United Kingdom. It also has a reputation for being friendly, with a large and involved community. Tombola has their very own arcade of slots too, which was launched in July 2016, for those players who love slots or want to take a break from bingo. Tombola Bingo’s chat moderators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and they are on hand to make sure that all players are enjoying their time on the site and are kept informed. Tombola Bingo is regulated and fully licenced to operate in the United Kingdom.


The community is something that Tombola Bingo prides itself on. It purports to be extremely friendly and inclusive and its chat moderators are always available, answering questions and ensuring that players are having fun while playing at Tombola Bingo. Their online bingo chat rooms are open for players to interact and have a bit of banter during the fun of playing online. There are other avenues to make friends, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Many players who take part in online bingo, want to also join in the fun of the community and Tombola Bingo is one of those sites which has it in spades.


Fun and community aside, Tombola Bingo’s wagering requirements are more than fair – there are none. A player’s winnings are able to be withdrawn, however any bonus funds cannot and need to be played on the site. Tombola Bingo have set their minimum withdrawal amount at £10 and any withdrawals will usually take around 48 hours to reach a player’s account. As always, players should read the terms and conditions on a gaming site because certain rules and terms could have changed since the time of writing. Before a withdrawal can be processed by Tombola Bingo, they will require proof of address and also player identification as well as the payment type. If players are lucky enough to win £2,000 or more and wish to withdraw this amount or higher than this, they will most definitely need to provide the requested proofs.


Tombola Bingo is one of the only online bingo sites not to offer slots which means it is fully concentrated on offering only the best, most fun and unique bingo games to its players. Tombola Bingo is all about the bingo, so for die hard players who live and love bingo, this could definitely be the site for them as it has a huge variety of bingo games to choose from. For players who want to play slots, Tombola Arcade is available as the sister company to Tombola Bingo and if features a good selection of instants and slots. 

Many of the bingo games at Tombola Bingo are designed by developers of the company, in-house, and therefore are exclusive to Tombola Bingo. They have both the usual 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games but also some excellent 50 ball and 60 ball bingo games to take part in. There is also 80 ball bingo, so players really do have amazing choice at Tombola Bingo. The Latte Room or the Mocha Room is where players can try out the 60 ball bingo which is different to the usual offering at other sites such as those only offering 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games. Players can also play in the Bingo Lite Room with tickets starting from only 2p. 

If players want something to keep busy while waiting until the next bingo game starts, they can play alternatives to bingo. A game exclusive to Tombola Bingo is Cinco which is a fun card game that will have players riveted. It is easy and logical to get to grips with. To win, players only need to cover five cards with chips. Another game yet again exclusive to players on Tombola Bingo is Hamster Race which is just as fun as it sounds. You need to place a bet on your chosen hamster and hope it wins the race by crossing the line first. 

Players of all budgets can play and be a part of the community at Tombola Bingo. A spend of only £2 is all that is needed to reap a maximum winning. Players can deposit up to £500 during a week (Monday to Sunday), however Tombola bingo actually only recommends a maximum of £250 deposit per week, especially when it comes to newbies.


Tombola Bingo has a wide range of promotional offers, including offers to entice new players to become a part of the fun. And because developers who work for Tombola Bingo are designing unique games only for players of Tombola Bingo, players can test out the latest games before anyone else on other bingo sites, along with their bespoke gaming software. Another benefit to playing at Tombola Bingo is that there are no wagering requirements. Unfortunately, Tombola Bingo is somewhat lacking in their selection of classic slot games and other casino style games from external providers. Tombola Bingo has amazing promotions available to the players, both old and new and their technical support is second to none. Overall, it is definitely one of the most popular online bingo gaming sites within the United Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Tombola Bingo is the “Britain’s biggest online bingo site”?

Yes, Tombola bingo is Britain’s biggest bingo site. Created in 2006.

How you can access Tombola bingo login page?

You can access the login page and your Tombola bingo dashboard using this link.

Does Tombola bingo have an App?

Yes, You can download the Tombola bingo App for mobile via this link.

Does Tombola bingo allows their customer to play slot games?

Yes, Slot games are available on the official website of Tombola Bingo.

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