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Bingo is not only fun, but it can also be mentally stimulating. Being alert, waiting for your numbers to be called, searching for the visual themes in games that are not number related… it can be a great way to pass the time and you could even make some money on the side if you are lucky.

Bingo is a very popular game and there are probably not too many people who have not played it before, whether online or in a bingo hall. Some may have played it at their local community centre or even just with friends in a friendly home game. Wherever bingo is played, all players are sure to have a great time and a lot of laughs. Groups can be small or large, it does not matter. If you have come across this bingo guide because you are looking for some information on the rules of the game, some helpful tips for how to play, how to improve your chances of winning or just some interesting snippets on bingo’s history and its origins, you have found the right place. This step by step guide will walk you through all this and more.


Originally, Bingo was not actually called “bingo” but “Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia” which was the lottery game in Italy during the 16th century. From Italy, the lottery style game moved to France and included cards and tokens with numbers being called out and matched up. After this, it was adopted in North America during the early 1900s where it was known as “beano”. It was renamed “bingo” by a toy salesman from New York (Edwin S. Lowe). He did this after he heard a player call out “bingo” instead of what it should have been called, “beano”. He even went as far as hiring a university mathematics professor to assist him with increasing the number of combinations in the bingo cards. By 1930, there was an incredibly large array of number combinations – 6,000, in fact! Bingo only became more widely known around 1960 when the British Parliament passed the Gaming Act where games such as bingo were only allowed to be played in places that were for members only. Since then, bingo has steadily grown in popularity in the country and has become ever-popular in the online sphere with the massive growth in internet businesses.


Bingo is a game of numbers on a card, also called tickets. Each player has a card in front of them which contains a set of numbers. The most common amount of numbers on a card is 75 or 90, hence the names 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. As well as a card of numbers, players will each have a pen, also called a “daub” that is a specific type of pen with ink used to make a mark on a paper-based bingo card. It is similar to a felt tip pen. It is a small plastic bottle with a sponge type attachment, filled with translucent ink. A specific person draws out random numbers from a bowl or other piece of equipment and calls them out. Players check their cards to see if that number is on their card. If it is, they will use their dauber to daub the number (i.e. they will use their special translucent pen to make a mark over the number that has just been called out). The aim of the game is to be the first player to have daubed all the numbers on one card. When this happens, the player must daub the final number on their card and then call out bingo (called “coverall” bingo). There are different varieties of bingo games but they all work on the same premise. Players may need to be the first to daub a set of numbers in a row or in a certain shape, pattern or line. More recently, bingo has also moved to be played without numbers but rather visual themes, still following the same principle. The different bingo games will have different prizes, for example, one prize per game or multiple prizes per game. Usually, the money from card purchases when a player buys it will go into a prize pot and the winner takes the pot. If actual money is used for the prize (or prizes) then it would be categorized as gambling and will need to be regulated by a gambling or gaming authority.


Well, because it is great fun! But seriously, that is not the only reason. Online bingo with players taking part for their chance of a piece of the money up for grabs often takes their games seriously. Playing bingo online means that they can concentrate on their game and enjoy it to the fullest while computer automation in the background takes care of the important bits. Playing online is a lot easier than going to a bingo hall.

Yes, some players still want the vibe and energy of the bingo hall, along with the social aspect, while others enjoy a mix of both bingo hall playing and online gaming. Enabling auto-daubing is a fantastic feature of online bingo and is yet another piece of the automation puzzle that means players are able to concentrate on the game at hand. Playing online could actually be easier than playing in a bingo hall for same players, if not most. If going to a bingo hall, you would need to first find one to attend, arrange your travel there and whether driving your own transport or taking public transport, it still requires spending money to get there as well as effort. Sometimes people just want to stay in their pajamas, sit back and relax on the sofa and play their favorite game. Maybe they are even lucky enough to add some winnings to their account balance – and all that without leaving the comfort of home!

How to choose a bingo gaming site

With the sheer number of bingo sites to choose from, you could find yourself confused. If you are a new player and do not know what to look for and what to avoid, this could be even more difficult. What about the number of players who take part in bingo games online? There are more than 2 million of us so as you can probably imagine, there are a vast number of options to choose from. But you want to play, you want to have fun, you want to take part in the social aspect, perhaps make new online friends and try to win money, so where do you begin? One of the first things to take into account is the platform or software that bingo sites use. Good sites use reputable and time-tested software, so this is the best place to start.

Dragonfish and Virtue Fusion are both platforms to consider in the first instance. For example, sites that use Dragonfish include Zoe’s Bingo, Loadsa Bingo, Bingo Storm, Dazzle Bingo, Bumble Bingo, Butterfly Bingo, Sundae Bingo, Cracker Bingo, Wink Bingo, Robin Hood Bingo, 888 Ladies, Moon Bingo, Posh Bingo, Costa Bingo, Tasty Bingo, Bingo Street, Bingo Loft, Big Red Bus Bingo and Yay Bingo to name only a few. Bingo websites which use Virtue Fusion include Buzz Bingo, Paddy Power Bingo, Coral Bingo, William Hill Bingo, Vernons Bingo, Betfred Bingo, Sky Bingo, Betfair Bingo, Sun Bingo, Gala Bingo, Fabulous Bingo, Bucky Bingo, Aztec Bingo, Boyle Bingo and Winner Bingo to also name only a handful.

There are so many factors to take into account when choosing a site and this is just one of the reasons that we have created Bingo Compare. Our helpful reviews take the most important factors for each site and distill them into an easy to read a guide on each of the bingo companies. In those review guides, we also include the current welcome offers and information on any promotions to make your choice even easier.

Next is to ask yourself the following:

Bingo software – Different bingo sites run off different software. For some players, graphics are really important, while for other players, they mostly care about the variety of games and potential for winnings and there will be other players who are most interested in the community feel and an element of fun while they are playing. Remember though, more players and larger community will mean fewer winners but larger payouts.

Welcome offer – What is the welcome bonus on offer when you sign up? Is it generous? Are other sites offering much more or much less? Bear this in mind when you choose a site to sign up to because many companies will be offering a bonus that is quite generous, so you should not have to forego a welcome bonus. Is there a company that gives you only three days to make use of the extra funds? The most common is a seven day window to play with the bonus, however it is also worth keeping an eye out for sites that give players longer than seven days as we all know how life can get in the way and we don’t get a chance to play all the bonus funds within one week and it would be a shame to lose out on a generous offer.

No deposit playing – Are you able to try the site out without having to put down any deposit? Okay, you are likely not going to be able to win much in this scenario, or even if you do, you probably will not be able to withdraw it without committing to the site and making a deposit, but at least you can still try it out before you sign up and pay anything out.

Deposit bonus offer – What is the bonus offer on deposits you make? Is the bonus for slots or bingo or a bit of both? Do you receive any free bingo room access or free slots spins? What about any other extra bonuses?

Wagering requirements – What are the wagering requirements on your winnings when you want to withdraw? Are there additional wagering requirements on bonus winnings? Be sure to read the financial section on the company’s site or check our reviews for each company as we detail what those requirements are. It is good to keep this in mind because these could affect your overall winnings payouts when it comes time to withdraw.

Free bingo games – Does the site offer a variety of free games to choose from when you have no more funds left but still want a chance at winning? Many of the sites will have free games as a daily permanent fixture, although they will usually have a small deposit or possibly a wagering requirement attached to them.

Penny bingo – What about bingo games that only cost a penny – are these available? Do they have many or only one or two? Sometimes players want to play low cost and free games to make their deposit and any bonuses go further.

Games – Does the site offer a multitude of games? Are there live bingo games starting every few minutes? Do you mind waiting for potentially higher winnings but a site that only runs live bingo games only every half hour perhaps? What about the slots – are there a decent variety of slots to play when you feel like taking a chance winning with spins? Are there scratch cards available? And what about casino games if these interest you? Be sure to choose the site that offers all the games you are interested in playing.

Bingo rooms – Are there a good number of bingo rooms to enter and play in? Are they any exclusive bingo rooms? Or are the rooms networked with other online gaming sites? It is a good idea to check this out because networked rooms are usually busy therefore providing a reduced chance of winning.

Community spirit – Is making online friends and a fun spirit of banter within chat rooms important for you while you play bingo? If yes, look out for this aspect mentioned in some of our reviews because players will find some sites have zero social media presence and no chat facility on their sites while others concentrate on this aspect to up the fun factor on their sites.

Promotions – Is your chosen site running promotions or special promotions for loyal players or new players? From time to time a site may be running a promotion, for example, a photo caption competition or some other fun way to get players involved and bring them to the gaming site via social media. They are most commonly run on Facebook and Twitter, but you will find some bingo companies active on Instagram too.

Jackpots – Are there guaranteed jackpots? What about daily or weekly jackpots? There are three main types of jackpots available within online bingo and include the game jackpot, the progressive jackpot, and the coverall jackpot. The progressive jackpot will normally yield the most earnings so if this type of jackpot is important to you, keep an eye out for these mentioned within our reviews.

Loyalty schemes – Does the site have any loyalty schemes specifically for its players? Do they appear to value their players and have anything like a VIP scheme or club for regular players?


Prior to beginning to play, you will be required to sign up and register on your chosen bingo site. Players will be uploading personal information, so you need to ensure that any device you are using is free from viruses and malware and that your internet connection is secure. For this reason, it is wise to sign up at yours or a friend’s home on a home connection rather than any public wi-fi. Most bingo sites will make your life very easy at the signing up stage – all you need to do is click the large (usually colorful) button on the site’s home screen to “join now” or “sign up” or “register”. Fill in all the requested details and your credit or debit card details, depending on what the specific site asks for. You may not be planning to make a deposit immediately, but you will still be asked to provide your payment information. Some sites accept PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and a variety of other online payment gateways too. This information is needed so that you can receive any advertised no-deposit bonus.

After clicking to go through to the next portion of the sign-up process, the gaming site will make some checks to verify your age and identification. They need to do this as per their license conditions, so expect this no matter which licensed bingo site you decide to sign up with. The checks are normally done against credit reference agencies or the electoral roll information (or both). All players will be asked to create a username and password, and on some sites, a chat nickname which is different to your username. Be sure to choose a password that is secure and consists of either a long-tail phrase or uses both upper and lower case letters, a number and a special character such as an exclamation mark or question mark. Any password you use should be very difficult to guess and for your own safety, it should ideally be different to passwords you use on your email account and your payment gateway account.

The next step will be to deposit some funds (unless you will be trying out the site for a few days without making a deposit). The easiest way to make deposits at the sign-up stage or in the future is to use a debit card or credit card that is added to the payment details section within your account profile. If you prefer to use PayPal or a similar payment method this fine but do bear in mind that some bingo sites will require a debit or credit card in the player’s name to be able to receive any deposit bonuses or welcome offers.

Once a payment method has been registered on the site, make a deposit. To qualify for any welcome offers, a deposit will usually need to be £10 or more. There are some bingo sites which will only require a deposit of £5 so if your budget is tight, keep a look out for these sites within our reviews area. Some bingo sites will only give you access to your welcome bonus when you have spent the full amount of your first deposit. On some sites, you may see a pop-up requesting you to click to accept or decline the bonus. Of course, most would wish to accept, however, many players think they can just decline now and accept later. This is not correct, to ensure that if you wish to accept the bonus, you click the accept button now because you will not be able to accept it later.

In your account area, it is possible to set some limits. Perhaps you know your limits or maybe you are one of those players that once they are in the throes of the game, they want to take all their chances at winning. As part of licensed bingo sites’ responsible gambling policies, players are prompted to set deposit limits. You can make these monthly, weekly or daily limits, depending on your preference. Are you the type of player who has control and can exercise restraint even if you think that next game will be your winning game? It is still good practice to set a deposit limit to within your budget. You can change the limit at any time, but keep in mind that if you choose to up the limit, you may need to wait a few hours for this to be activated.


You are now at the stage where you can play! Which game are you most interested in? Why not take a look around the bingo rooms available and check when the next games are due to start? Is it a 75 ball bingo game or a 90 ball game? Maybe it is another type of bingo game but whatever it is sure you are aware of the ticket cost, the rules, and the winning potential so that you are not disappointed. There are a number of bingo sites who have a tabbed lobby which will allow the grouping of similar bingo rooms, for example, all 75 ballrooms are under one tab while the 90 ballrooms are under another tab.

For the prize value on each game, some games will be based on the number of ticket sales while others will have set prizes no matter how many players join. On many sites, the prize pot value will increase the more players buy in. If a particular game has a jackpot attached to it, this is an additional prize that is paid out to the game’s winner, usually within a set number of calls.

When you come to buy your first bingo tickets in your chosen bingo room, click to enter. Next, you will be asked how many tickets you wish to buy. Some sites will set a maximum number, but the minimum will be one ticket. Depending on the bingo room you have decided to enter, the maximum number of tickets will be displayed as these differ from room to room. You may be wondering how it is possible to manage a large number of tickets (or cards) … this is possible thanks to the auto-daub setting. Some players prefer to buy a large number of tickets and make use of the auto-daub setting because very often, with only a few tickets, players find they are not getting anywhere, and it can make for a frustrating and boring game. Of course, if you purchase a lot of tickets and none of them are winners, you will have used up much of your available funds, but you could also be lucky and win on more than one of them! If you are one of those players who feel more comfortable playing with a lower number of tickets, you may like multi-stake bingo games. This type of bingo will allow a maximum of one ticket per player, so everyone involved is on an even keel. If there are no multi-stake bingo games available, you could look for a room with a low maximum number of tickets. Some maximums may be set at 100 tickets per player, while others could be as low as 12 tickets per player per game.

The majority of bingo sites will have the option to buy numerous tickets at once before the game starts. In the 90 ballrooms, players will very often see an option to purchase multiple strips of six tickets. While these strips contain a set of six tickets each, they include all numbers from one through to 90 (and only once in the whole set). When purchasing tickets, remember to check your ticket choice thoroughly because it is easy to make a mistake. Some sites such as those powered by Cozy do not ask you to confirm ticket purchases and a player may click “buy” without having selected any cards and instead receive the default number of 48 tickets. This could potentially be an expensive mistake. For sites powered by Dragonfish, a second confirmation click is required to complete ticket purchases. For the strips of six tickets, ensure that when you are purchasing multiples, you realize that you are purchasing multiples of six. For example, if you click to buy three, you will be buying three strips (3 x 6 = 18 tickets). Some games or rooms have different default ticket amounts so just remember to double check what you are buying. If you are in a hurry and want to buy in time for the start of the next game, sometimes it could be wise to take your time, check your purchases and rather join the game that starts with enough time for you to calmly complete your purchase. If you want to rather buy your tickets in advance, many of the sites will allow players to pre-purchase one week in advance (except for the free games).

On most bingo sites there is usually a clock that is counting down to the start of the next game, so you will easily be able to keep an eye on the time. If you joined online bingo for the community spirit, this is the perfect time to join your other “roomies” in the bingo room for a chat until the game starts. Many players join mostly for the winnings while still many join for a chance at bagging a win, but also for that community feel. The social aspect of bingo has always been a part of the game, whether online or at a bingo hall. At a bingo hall, it could be less convenient to be involved in a chat with others at your table because you have to be listening out for the numbers and ensuring you mark them off on your card. Online bingo is slightly different in that it could be even more sociable. The auto-daub feature means that it is okay to miss a number while chatting to a fellow roomie. What if you are deep in chat and you don’t want to stop your conversation, but you also need to listen out for the numbers. Well, auto-daub takes care of that and ensures you never miss a called number.

Online bingo also brings all types of players together and bucks the stereotype of the typical bingo player attending a bingo hall. No matter your age, gender, background or where you are based in the country, you will have fun playing online bingo and meeting others who share your interest in the game. Who knows, you could make a friend for life while playing your favorite online game! Have you heard of chat games? Many of the bingo sites have rooms that continuously run chat games to keep the players involved in the chat and keep it fun and engaging.

Some players starting out could find the use of acronyms and slang words a bit difficult to get their head around, but we have included a handy bingo glossary at the end of this guide to help you out – just refer back to it whenever you are involved in a chat and something comes up that you don’t quite understand the meaning of. Either print it out or take a picture of it because if you navigate away from a bingo room and return, even if you were only gone for a few seconds, you will not be able to see any of the older messages in the chat.


Bingo is a traditional game which came about centuries ago and has moved online in recent years with the boom of everything internet. Players can choose classic American bingo (75 ball bingo) or the traditional British game (90 ball bingo) as these are the two most prevalent and common type of bingo games. Many of the bingo companies will also offer variations such as 52 ball bingo.

When you have decided which bingo game you would like to play, check the starting timer and wait for the game to begin. Ball numbers are called out and the bingo game software will mark (or “daub”) the numbers on your card automatically. If you have more than one card being played in the current game, the software will sort them so that the cards close to a winning set will usually be at the top of the “pile”. Each card is marked in order, normally “1TG”, “2TG”, 3TG”, etc. The “TG” acronym stands for “to go”, so for example, a card that is “1TG” means it has one number to go until it is a winner in line for the next prize.

It is possible for players to buy a card for a particular game but not be in the room at the time the game is played. Auto-daub will take care of marking the numbers and if a player is lucky and wins a game, any prize winnings are credited to their account automatically. Don’t forget about wagering requirements which will need to be completed before you can withdraw any winnings. By way of an example, if you initially deposited £10 and you received a welcome bonus of £20, this would equate to a 200% bonus. Normally, the site would put this towards bingo play and attach a wagering requirement. This could range but it is most often around four times. This means that you would need to have purchased £80 worth of bingo tickets (£20 x 4) in order to be able to release any winnings during play using the bonus funds.


Most online bingo gaming sites will have games apart from bingo. These include options such as slots games, casino games, chat games, scratch cards, free games, and other promotions, depending on the company.


Most bingo gaming sites have slot machine games that players only need to click a button for a spin. It is similar to visiting a bingo hall in person where a bingo game is being played in a room while there are slot machines to play in the lounge areas, perhaps while players wait to take part in the bingo game. The online gaming sites try to have a similar set-up to the real live version. Some of the bingo sites will have slots within the bingo rooms so that if they are slot fanatics, they can still play slots while they are chatting to other roomies and checking the bingo game to see if they are any closer to the prize.

Chat Games

Many players will be enticed to take part in the chat games as these can be a lot of fun. Chat hosts take the lead in these games and ask trivia questions and other random questions. Loyalty points, small bonus pots or sometimes even bingo tickets could be up for grabs during these games. In order to be in line to win the prize, you will have had to purchase tickets for the bingo game this is running at the same time as the chat. Be sure to check the rules and restrictions on the relevant site though as they can change from time to time and from game to game. Chat games are not continuously running on most sites but rather only when a chat host announces them occasionally.

Casino Games / Table Games

Some players like to play casino games, also known as table games, like roulette and blackjack online. Many of the bingo companies also have this option for their valued players but you will also find some sites that concentrate only on bingo games and slots games. If you are interested in having casino games available in your chosen bingo gaming site, look out for the larger companies as they will usually be running these types of games with actual live croupiers in real time.

Scratch Cards

If you have ever tried your luck playing the UK Lotto scratch cards, then you will probably enjoy playing scratch cards online. All you need to do is click to scratch and reveal the symbols underneath. The scratch card games usually require three symbols to match in order to win a prize.


Many players will want to play bingo while they are on the bus, on the train, waiting at the doctor’s office or any other number of scenarios – if you are a keen player you will have already thought of a huge number of places ideal for playing bingo and slots on the go! A lot of the bingo sites will have a mobile app to enable players to play on the go, however there are still others that may not have a dedicated app but whose site is mobile friendly and will either adapt to your device’s screen size or it will direct you to a mobile version of the site automatically as it can detect that you are on a mobile device. Some online bingo companies even have more than one app. If app game playing capability is important to you, be sure to keep a look out at our bingo site reviews where, if a site has a dedicated app, we will mention it.


While playing bingo online or in a bingo hall, if you are new to the game it is likely that you will come across some terms you do not know the meaning of. Don’t worry, this glossary is here to help you in case you are faced with a word or acronym that confuses you. Sometimes a bingo caller may use certain words or terms after calling out a number and it could be disheartening if other players are completely comfortable while you are left scratching your head trying to figure out what you missed.

  • 1TG – One (number) to go.
  • 2TG – Two (numbers) to go.
  • 3TG – Three (numbers) to go.
  • Bingo board – The areas on your screen where each called number is displayed.
  • Blackout – A bingo game with the aim to cover all squares on a player’s card.
  • Card – Each player has a different card (or more than one card) during a bingo game. This card contains a random set of numbers. (Some players also refer to cards as tickets and use these two words interchangeably.) A card is a correct term for a 75 ball game.
  • Chat room – The area on the bingo gaming site where players can interact with each other by chatting.
  • Free space – This is the square in the middle of a 75 ball card. It is automatically filled and is either auto-daubed at the start of a game or you will need to do this.
  • Full house – This is achieved when a player marks all numbers on their 90 ball card.
  • Jackpot – An additional prize which is on offer for a player achieving a certain pattern with a specified number of balls.
  • Pattern – This is required in some games using shapes instead of numbers. A pattern will need to be formed on a bingo card in order to achieve a win.
  • Progressive jackpot – This is a jackpot which increases in size the more people play.
  • Single line – One completed single line of numbers across a 90 ball card.
  • Ticket – Each player has a different ticket (or more than one ticket) during a bingo game. This ticket contains a random set of numbers. (Some players also refer to cards as cards and use these two words interchangeably.) A ticket is a correct term for a 90 ball game.
  • Two lines across – Two completed lines of numbers on a 90 ball card.


  • AFC – Away from the computer
  • AWK – Away from keyboard
  • AYT – Are you there?
  • ATM – At the moment
  • BB – Bye Bye
  • BBL – Be back later
  • BBS – Be back soon
  • BLNG – Better luck next game
  • BRB – Be right back
  • BTW – By the way
  • CH – Chat host
  • CM – Chat master / Chat monitor / Chat moderator
  • COI – Come on in
  • DK – Don’t know
  • DTS – Don’t think so
  • EMML – E-mail me later
  • GG – Got to go
  • GGA – Good game all
  • GL – Good luck
  • GLE – Good luck everyone
  • IMO – In my opinion
  • JJ – Just joking
  • LOL – Laughing out loud
  • NP – No problem
  • PLS – Please
  • ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing
  • SYS – See you soon
  • TTYL – Talk to you later
  • TY – Thank you
  • WTG – Way to go
  • YW – You’re welcome


As mentioned above, some bingo callers may attach a phrase to a number after calling it out. Here are some of those that you may hear and their relevant numbers:

  • Kelly’s eye
  • One little duck
  • A cup of tea
  • Knock at the door
  • Man alive
  • Tom’s tricks
  • God’s in heaven
  • One fat lady
  • Doctor’s orders
  • Uncle Ben
  • Legs eleven
  • One and two (or a dozen)
  • Unlucky for some
  • Valentine’s day
  • Young and keen
  • Sweet sixteen
  • Dancing queen
  • Key at the door
  • Goodbye teens
  • One score (or Blind 20)
  • Key of the door
  • Two little ducks
  • A duck and a Flea
  • Two dozen
  • Duck and dive
  • Pick and mix
  • Gateway to heaven
  • Overweight
  • In your prime
  • Dirty Gertie (or Blind 30)
  • Get up and run
  • Buckle my Shoe
  • All the threes
  • Ask for more
  • Jump and jive
  • Three dozen
  • A flea in heaven
  • Christmas cake
  • Those famous steps (or All the steps)
  • Two score (or Blind 40)
  • Life’s begun (or Time for fun)
  • Whinny the Pooh
  • Down on your knees
  • Droopy drawers (or All the fours)
  • Halfway house (or Halfway there)
  • Up to tricks
  • Four and seven
  • Four dozen
  • Rise and shine
  • Blind 50 (or half a century)
  • Tweak of the thumb
  • Weeks in a year
  • Stuck in the tree
  • Clean the floor
  • Snakes alive (or All the fives)
  • Was she worth it?
  • Heinz varieties
  • Make them wait
  • Brighton line
  • Three scores (or Blind 60)
  • Bakers bun
  • Tickety boo
  • Tickle me
  • The Beatles number (or Redraw)
  • Old age pension
  • Clickety click (or All the sixes)
  • Made in heaven
  • Saving grace
  • Any way up (or Either way up)
  • Three scores and ten (or Blind 70)
  • Bang on the drum
  • A crutch and a duck (or Six dozen)
  • Crutch with a flea (or Queen B)
  • Candy store
  • Strive and strive
  • Trombones (or Seven ‘n’ six)
  • Sunset strip (or All the sevens)
  • Heaven’s gate
  • One more time
  • Gandhi’s breakfast (or Blind 80)
  • Fat lady and a little wee
  • Fat lady with a duck
  • Fat lady with a flea (or Time for tea)
  • Seven dozen
  • Staying alive
  • Between the sticks
  • Fat lady with a crutch
  • Two fat ladies or you may hear All the eights
  • Nearly there
  • Top of the shop (or Blind 90)